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RnD, research and development

Motivated by success of innovative projects in which we have participated and contrasting results with market research, we have stablished the following companies up to date:

  • ROBCAM Programación de Robots. S.L.
  • TRIMAR Automation compoments. S.L.
  • AQUILES Robotics Systems. S.L.
  • ENERTIKA ingenieria de eficiencia Energética. S.L.
  • ADDIXA Control S.L.
  • Equipments DIMATEC S.L.
  • RAILSA, Automatic Rail Safety Solutions. S.L.

Some of these companies no longer belong to our group for having participate in corporate transactions or have ceased trading

Investment process

After having formed 7 Spin-off`s we have formulated a methodology that allowed us to incubate these new ventures inside PROMAUT .

These new companies have already invoiced a total of 22 Milion Euros and created a direct contracting equivalent to 84 annuities 


In collaboration with:

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