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The MAB is a market dedicated to small cap companies looking to expand, as a regulation, designed specifically for them and costs and processes adapted to their characteristics. More information.

The ability to design things as is characteristic of this alternative market. To bring the system, if possible, a peculiar companies by their size and stage of development, which have large financing needs, need to value your business and improve its competitiveness with all the tools that a stock market puts available. The MAB provides alternative financing to grow and expand.

This flexibility means adapt all existing procedures for these companies to be listed on a market but without giving an adequate level of transparency. For this we have introduced a novel notion, the «registered counselor» whose mission is to help companies to comply with the reporting requirements.

Additionally, companies will have a «iquidity provider» or a broker to help them find the necessary counterpart to the formation of its share price as efficient as possible, while providing liquidity. However we must emphasize that the companies listed on the MAB, for its size, shall have characteristics in terms of liquidity and different risk listed in the stock market.


  • A Trading System operated by the Stock (SMN )
  • Promoted by BME and supervised by the CNMV.
  • For values ​​of the European Union and Latin America.
  • For institutional and private investors.
  • It provides funding, visibility, liquidity and valuation.
  • With a system of information and recruitment tailored to the peculiarities of these businesses.
  • It is a learning platform or release to the Exchange for companies that meet the appropriate dimension.
  • Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME ) brings its expertise and technology in the design of this market and operational procedures , the settlement and information dissemination.
  • Presentation MAB Growth Companies

Fuente: Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME)


MaB allows us to obtain funding from private investors, who contribute with their investment and effort to implement the Business Plan that PROMAUT Group management has targeted

As a source of financing MAB allows us to diversify sources, constituting a very interesting alternative to bank funding, especially for SMEs with growth and internationalization projects.

MaB allows us to introduce rigor to our growth due to regulations and requirements involved.

Contribute to give visibility to the project and allow us to be known as a company in the business and institutional ambits at Spanish and European Union levels.

To trade on the MaB builds trust among customers, suppliers, banks and institutions


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