Promaut in Open Innovation Leaders Summit

PROMAUT was invited to participate in the first edition of the «Open Innovation Leaders Summit» organized by the Open Innovation Club of SECPHO (Cluster of Technological Innovation of experts in photonics) held on July 10, 2018
The Open Innovation Club of secpho is aimed for executives of large companies in our country that lead the rankings of investment in R & D & I, and the objective of the day was to promote collaborative innovation between these large companies and leading experts in Photonics technologies.
It is a forum that will boost the competitiveness of its members, generating concrete opportunities for collaboration about the integration of the latest technologies, and all this adding value to the participating companies. The latest trends in innovation, such as Industry 4.0, 3D printing, the autonomous vehicle or 5G communications, are based on photonic technologies, still little known but that will lead the real revolution of the XXI century.