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Automotive key industry


  • Global demand increase, accompanied by the need to reduce consumption of current car park has encouraged multimilion investments implementing new plants in emerging countries and modernizing existing plants
  • Processes standarization in which we are trained and with excellent references allow us to have an unbeatable position to  accompany VW and BMW grounps to install new plants in countries where we are present
  • High concentration of automotive groups need suppliers with more financial muscle and international presence



  • Industry that has been recovered from the crisis years and has one of the largest global dynamisms, with increasing and sustained demand.
  • Main global operators, OEMs, are in the United States, France, EU and Canada, to which have recently joined the BRIC.
  • The estimated market volumen for the next decade reachs 450.000M$.
  • It’s a key industry with strong synergies with automotive key industry and has a great growth in the BRIC countries



Railway industry

High-speed train passing station
Railway industry.

  • The need to increase movility of large number of people and godos makes that railway industry  was one of the areas we chose as a growth axis
  • Rail is one of the less polluting transport modes, being the one some countries chose as mandatory to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Our expertise in automation  has a lot of value in this key industry that traditionally has sido been conservative in new technologies introduction


Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry.

  • Investments in chemical industry in which we are working are intended to improve  energetically and automate processes.
  • New products for automation, that have been developed by the main hardware and software industrial companies, allows fast processing, flexibility, traceability and plants remote management. These tolos have become a mainstay for decision making  where and when it occurs, improving the income by being able to take quick decisions in los productive processes.





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